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Customer Reviews & Stories

It's been about a month for me to realize that the side bumper (?) of my car was also fixed. It's no longer flailing out and I can't think of any other occasion for it to have gotten fixed than Zepeda! So I know this is belated, but thank you for going above and beyond. Zepeda cares about customers!

• Yelp Review

I had a brake issue that another shop couldn't figure out, and after inspection, Carlos thoroughly explained the issue with my ABS using a "virtual vehicle" visual on the computer. I read some reviews where customers didn't appreciate being told a list of other car issues they didn't initially consult Zepeda auto for, but I actually thought getting a run down of everything else problematic (optional or highly recommended) about my baybay was great!

I'm not an expert on cars so I feel like I pushed through the learning curve on basic car mechanics. And now that I know what the other minor issues are, I have the option of learning to fix the easy stuff on my own, like the air filter. They were honest about their prices and sincere about their work, enough to go above and beyond my initial car concerns (e.g. They inflated one of my tires that I didn't know was moderately flat). If I have car issues again I would be happy to come back to Zepeda :-)

• Yelp Review

I had my drivers side mirror damaged by another driver and Zepeda was one of 4 quotes I received. Their prices, in comparison to the other 3, were extremely fair and they were very responsive to my calls. David (the manager?) was extremely professional and I was impressed by how clean their shop was. Highly recommend this place!

• Yelp Review

This auto shop is excellent, the staff is above friendly, giving honest and most effective explanation of the situation. Their customers receive top service and at very reasonable rates. Zepeda Auto is the best example a "mechanic you can trust".

• Google Review

These guys did an awesome job servicing my transmission, explaining the issues with photos and ran a full diagnostic on my truck at no extra charge. The diagnostic was also complete with photos of any problem areas. They were fair, thorough and professional. A class act all the way. Also, it's the cleanest garage I've ever seen.

• Google Review

So great! I didn't get the car back yet, but so far I'm completely impressed. We got an appointment easily and the most thorough diagnostic report I've ever seen in my life! They were able to quickly text me a link to a detailed report that included photos of any of the places that had issues.

Every time I've called I have been able to get my questions answered promptly and in as much detail as I would like. I have spoken to both Carlos and David and both were great to deal with.

They also do not take a long time to do a big job.

I have Yelp to thank for finding this place...I needed to find a place near my daughter's Chicago location and the reviews Zepeda were outstanding. So far I can certainly see why. It has been a completely positive experience, which is not how most people feel when they need car repairs.

• Yelp Review

I bought my Subaru in to Zepeda after moving to the neighborhood. For the prior 8 years or so I'd used Ashland Tire and was nervous about trying another shop, hoping I'd get similar quality service, honesty, reliability, and respect. Zepeda answered that call. I was given clear quotes, told what was necessary and what wasn't, and even had them tackle an issue with my trunk latch which ended up costing less than the estimate. I've recommended them to multiple friends and will continue bringing my car here for as long I keep it.

• Google Review

They are trustworthy and explain everything so clearly. I'm grateful to have these guys nearby!

• Yelp Review

Knowledgeable and friendly service without the hard sell. Brought my car here after my wife had a good experience with them, and I was more than impressed. My check engine light was on and I needed to bring the car for the emissions test so I could get my registration renewed. They gave me a few estimates on everything I needed to get done, and repaired my car quickly. They went above and beyond by taking my car in to get the emissions tested while they were making sure everything had been repaired! Passed with flying colors! David was extremely professional and friendly. I could not recommend then more!

• Yelp Review

Awesome customer service! I've been taking my car here for years. It's a rare commodity when you find an establishment that truly cares about the service they provide. Most importantly I've never had any problems with the quality of work.

• Yelp Review

Awesome customer service! I've been taking my car here for years. It's a rare commodity when you find an establishment that truly cares about the service they provide. Most importantly I've never had any problems with the quality of work.

• Yelp Review

A few years ago I got an old Jeep. The first thing that went was the brakes. I brought it to a brake shop and just to get another opinion, took it to Zapeda. They caught something that the brake shop had missed, and I have stuck around since. When I moved to Albany Park, I started taking the Jeep to a 4x4 place only because it was closer to me, but they missed some details and I am now happy to be back with Zapeda. You don't realize just how important details are until your mechanic misses a few! Zapeda always treats me like a knowledgeable consumer, they give me the information I need to make a good decision without pressure. They have taken care of me time after time. They pay great attention to detail. They do great work on my car. Don't even hesitate. If you're looking for a mechanic, Zapeda is the best.

• Yelp Review

1000% recommend Zepeda! At the recommendation of others who have used them, I recently brought in my car for a slew of repairs. They walked me through the cost and necessity of each and helped me make an informed decision- feeling zero pressure which blew me away. I price checked with other shops and they just didn't compare! But I'll continue taking my car to Zepeda for the great staff alone. They're friendly, professional, honest, and very timely with their work.

• Yelp Review

I found them when shopping prices against a different shop. They saved me a ton of money by letting me know that I didn't actually need the repair that I came to them for. I have found them to be honest, fair and trustworthy. They treat me with respect and carefully explain each recommendation. Their prices are competitive and their work has been reliable. What more could I ask for?

• Yelp Review

Reliable, Honest, Friendly and Fair priced. Zepeda is the type of place that hangs on to customers for life. I've been going to them for years and I'm always satisfied. They have people young and old all around the neighborhood that trust them! Highly recommended!

• Yelp Review

I've gone here a few times for repairs. Last time I thought it was a bigger problem than it was, and it turned out to be a $28 dollar fix. They could have totally convinced me I needed a new alternator. Another time they took a picture of a bolt left in the innerworkings of the car by a previous mechanic, which was the cause of some crazy sparking and noise on a long drive.

• R.R

Finding a quality auto repair is important to me. If you're in the same boat, look no further! 

Carlos and David (and their team) are fantastic! I have taken my car in many times over the past several years after my husband read positive reviews online. They have fixed both my vehicle and my husband's with professional service all around. 

As a young female patron, I'm used to having auto repair men speak to me condescendingly, patronizingly, or completely avoid explaining the problem with my vehicle and moving straight to discussing the bill. That is not the case at Zepeda's. They never talk down to me and treat me with respect. A few times when I was having trouble deciding whether or not to fix something, they encouraged me to ask lots of questions and take my time and do more research before I made the decision to spend the money. They even got on the phone to explain one issue to my father. Additionally, they've saved parts of my car that were garbage to demonstrate the problem and help me understand what went wrong. They take the time to teach and never try to tack on all of the unnecessary other items that could be fixed just to make a buck.

I recommend them to everyone I know, and now to strangers, too. They're the best!

• E.W

I've been bringing my car to Zepeda for years and I'm sorry I haven't written a review sooner.  
I absolutely love this place.  As a woman, I am always skeptical of being treated like an idiot or duped into paying for things I don't need.  The guys that work here have never, ever done either to me.  
Additionally, I am from a small town where the auto repair places are small and the people treat you like a human and bring you in back to point to the actual issues with your car.  Zepeda has ALWAYS done that for me.  
I've brought my car in for simple oil changes, check ups before a road trip and major repairs.  They are always timely, informative and NEVER pushy.  
Even if I bring my car in for just an oil change, they do a complete check up and let me know if there is anything else going on. HOWEVER- if I don't want the work done, they don't do it- and they don't press the issue.  They let me know they will put the info in my file and I can let them know in the future if I want the work done or not.  
Addtionally, I have matched prices vs. other places for work they've done on my tires brakes, etc. and they are always the cheapest.  
I had a brake light out once and needed an oil change so I took my car to NAPA auto parts becuause it was the tiniest bit closer.  I let them know all I needed to do was purchase the brake light- I could put it in myself.  They were like, "It's really no problem for us to put it in- it will just take a second!"  
I was there FOR AGES.  Then, they miscommunicated that my car was finished so I sat there 30 minutes longer than needed.  Finally, they CHARGED me for putting the brake light in after I expressely said I could do it and they were like, "It's really no big deal!"  $20 in labor for just the brake light.  
$80 later after an oil change and a brake light replacement- I learned another lesson in reliability vs. convenience.  I haven't been to another auto repair place since.  ZEPEDA FOREVER!  LOVE YOU GUYS!  They even send me a Christmas card every year!!  Who does that anymore??  Go here.  Go here forever.

• K.P.

Took my car in for emissions repair. They did everything in their power to fix the issues. They ensured I passed inspection. It's been two months, and I still have not seen my check engine light since.

• C.D.

A friend referred me here. His go-to recommendation for his lady friends that have car trouble. 
Spoke on the phone. I have an older car that I was looking to sell, but it needed some maintenance before I put it on the market. Cautious not to spend too much money. I think his name is Carlos and the other David, were very kind, honest, and fit me in last minute. After a very thorough inspection, he gave me a consultation over the phone and in just a couple of hours I was picking it up.
It's also worth noting. I had a dent with some red paint on my rear driver side door. When I picked it up. It was gone!!!! I went back inside, and I said 'I can't believe you did that!!!!, thank you so much' he said 'I had the guys clean it up for, no big deal, you're welcome!'
These guys are very kind, efficient, fair, honest, and went out of their way to make me happier than I was for the service I paid for! That's a great mechanic! Wish I had found these guys ages ago!

• R.M.

I love Zepeda's. Every time i take my car in they are courteous and friendly. They explain in detail what the problem is and what the solution is. I took it in twice in a week recently, the second time it turned out a belt wasn't working properly so they replaced it and gave me complimentary service. I highly recommend them!

• C.H.

I cannot tell you how much I love Zepeda's. David and his team are so kind, patient, caring, and honest. I don't know a lot about car ownership, and they explain things with respect and no condescension. I would recommend them to anyone. 

With the cold weather, my windshield developed a crack. I called them after hours that night, and David called me back first thing in the morning and told me he could replace my windshield for $170 (parts and labor). I brought my car in at 10:30am and they were done around 1. So easy.

• L.L